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Formerly Lead Developer of Mobile Payment Solutions for Syrinx, now I am an Overflow Consultant for tech agencies, I write for Meet Your Developer and Brand Audit, build my own products, and speak at local meetups. Previously, I was Head of Development for Cumberland Farms’ SmartPay App. I have worked with clients such as Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Localyitcs, and Amtrak.

In recent years I have assisted clients with several impactful initiatives; here are just a few:

Effective solutions and positive results

Syrinx Consulting Corporation Lead Developer of Mobile Payment Solutions, March 2013 - February 2017

I started consulting with Syrinx in early 2013 and moved up the ranks fast. I have directly worked with marketing on initiatives related to branding, design, and UI / UX, resulting in better accessibility on both desktop and mobile browsers. I have performed discovery on both new technology and several problem domains to better empower management regarding customer acquisition and leveraging of said technologies. I have attended several meetings representing the company as an advisor, have diagnosed customer problems, proposed solutions, and written several statements of work on behalf of the company.

Skills: Advising, Creation of SOWs, Desktop and Mobile Design, Diagnosis of Problems, Discovery, Proposed Solutions, UI / UX

Cumberland Farms

From friends and family launch, to public release, to growing pains, I have been involved with the Cumberland Farm's SmartPay platform. I increased customer engagement through integration of a rewards program, added in-store promotions within their app, and overhauled their maps by adding filtering by product, hours, and location. I stopped headaches by being their go-to developer for maintaining their infrastructure, APIs, third party integrations, and their iOS, Android, and mobile web applications. I helped foster better customer relations by advising on UX, API workflows, and third party integrations to prevent negative impacts. I reduced costs by taking a document driven and a test first approach that has led to easier on-boarding of new developers. I also leveraged existing tools and libraries to further minimize the required developers needed to properly maintain the application. I maximized uptime by building out a high availability server setup which could incur multiple server failures and still preform at peak load.

Skills: iOS, Android, JRuby, Ruby on Rails, Eventmachine, Nginx, Torquebox, HTML, CSS, JS, Capistrano, Capybara, Rspec, Factory Girl, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Minitest, MySql, RHEL, Zipline, Retalix, Bash, New Relic, Python


Localytics brought me on to handle the implementation of a third party payment system. I assisted with the planning and design of the integration, which led to greater customer acquisition through ease of use and modern design. I boosted productivity by working with third party contractors on behalf of Localytics, preventing misunderstandings and gaps in communication. I built several modules to break out complexity and ease understanding of the payment library. I was flexible with the client's schedule while still maintaining a high level of efficiency, preventing the project from running longer than needed.

Skills: Ruby on Rails, Angular, HTML, CSS, JS, SASS, Netsuite, Zuora, Rspec, CoffeeScript, Capybara, Poltergeist, Teaspoon, Mocha

Tomorrow Pictures Inc. Senior Software Engineer, October 2011 - April 2013

I joined the Tomorrow Pictures team in late 2011 as a Senior Software Engineer. I planned, created, and advised on in-house applications that led to increased productivity of the team. I assisted in sales and planning meetings with clients to help diagnose problems and present effective solutions. I increased reliability of their customers' sites by transitioning them to newly provisioned servers with added security and uptime. I reduced expenses by producing a white label solution for a reoccurring project, eliminating a majority of the overhead.

Skills: Ruby, Sinatra, Heroku, Python, Ubuntu, Bash, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery

Other Ventures April 2008 - September 2011

The Tech industry moves fast, and after a while (say 5 years) you get diminishing returns regarding relevant experience. Prior to the work listed above I started as a Junior Web Developer and soon moved on to contract work. If you want to talk shop about old projects feel free to shoot me an email at

What people are saying

Image of Dave Banks

"My first experience with Richard was such a success that when I went to work on my next project he was one of the first consultants I called."

Dave Banks at Gas Buddy

Image of Colin Reposa

"Richard’s process is transparent. He’s always up front with how he is going to make our customers’ projects a success."

Colin Reposa at Syrinx Consulting

In the works

Serveral of these projects are live and I hope to release the rest by the end of the year.

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